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“5 Tools for Digital Detox” seeks for reflection on the only addiction that has been socially accepted, the digital. In response, five objects and phases have been designed to boost and promote digital detox. Each phase creates a new scenario that rethinks our relationship with technology. The goal is to create a series of objects that invite us to reflect, reconsider and build, through critical design, a digitally responsible society.

Type of Project: Final Degree Project
Photography: Kiwi Bravo
Disciplines: Research, identity, editorial, product, art direction
Photos: 31

☞ Nominated to ELISAVA ei! awards, Best Final Degree Project, 2019
☞ Featured on ADG-FAD, 2019
☞ Featured on Blanc Festival, 2020
✺ SINCE 3080
It is a speculative design project located in a future scenario, where the fast food is substituted for the new aproach and concept of smart food. This new way of eating, tries to get adapted to the future social situations. The brand offers a molecular food designed by the most prestigious food engineers.

Type of Project: Academic
Collaborations: Lluís Beso
Disciplines: Branding, Visual identity, Art direction, Editorial
Photos: 15

Bronze ADG Laus Estudiant award, 2019
✺ 57E64N05 
Steganos is a speculative design project where culture is prohibited by the Central Statement to obtain control of this civilization. Stegano’s main goal is to distribute the culture and knowledge through hidden media. This society are the owners of the last book on earth, where there is all the existing cultural content in the world. To undersand it, it is necesary to obtain passwords and links that would allow you to decipher it. A new alphabet, apparently illegible, was designed for the book. Visit: WWW.57364N05.NET

ELISAVA, December 2018
Type of Project: Academic
Collaborations: Sergio Entrena
Disciplines: Visual identity, Art direction, Editorial
Photos: 16

☞ Featured on 34minus1, 2019
✺ Dédalo magazine 
The only architecture that has remained of ancient civilitzation is the funeray. Has it been eternal? Can we consider funerary architecture everlasting? In order to answer these questions Dédalo explores the dualism between the eternity of funerary architecture and the fugacity of life.

Type of Project: Academic
Disciplines: Editorial, Art direction
Photos: 6
✺ Internship report
Statement in which it is explained everything about my internship at Penguin Random House.

Type of Project: Academic
Disciplines: Editorial
Photos: 6
✺ Knosós
Artistic reinterpretation of the novel “Portrait of a young artist” by James Joyce. The new book reflects the protagonist’s vital itinerary in a labyrinthine way.

Type of Project: Academic
Disciplines: Editorial, Art direction
Photos: 6
✺ A book about clouds 🌐
Coming soon

Type of Project: Personal
Disciplines: Editorial
Photos: 1
✺ Gezna 
We create a whole project about Gezna society, dresses, language, look, symbolism, movements, flag, way of speaking and beliefs. A personalized typeface was designed in his honor. Gezna typeface maintains the tribal essence that characterizes the civilization while there are still futuristic references.

Type of Project: Academic
Collaborations: Sergio E. Luís B. Oriol C.
Disciplines: Visual identity, Editorial, Art direction, Typography
Photos: 7
✺ Digital detox guide
Access to the network has not been the pursuit of greater illumination, broader horizons, knowledge of conceptions and lifestyles that had not been known so far. This pocket guide seeks to provoce debate, raise awareness and offer a digital detox solution. It collects spaces in Barcelona that promote digital detox in order to look for resolutive tools that can present a contemporary society. The guide has the same dimensions as a smartphone.

Type of Project: Academic
Disciplines: Editorial
Photos: 5
✺ Blanc festival 2020
Coming soon 💃

Type of Project: Academic
Disciplines: Visual identity, Art direction
Photos: 1
✺ Films and Pelis
Visual identity and graphic pieces designed for the Barcelona Erotic Film Festival.

Type of Project: Academic
Disciplines: Visual identity, Editorial
Photos: 10
✺ Steganos typeface and specimen 

Type of Project: Personal
Disciplines: Typography, Editorial
Photos: 1
✺ Colección amante 
Book covers designed for Colección amante.

Type of Project: Academic
Disciplines:  Editorial
Photos: 1
✺ Random disjointed compilation of works

2018 - 2019
Photos: 11
💥 About me ↓↓

Ferran received a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from ELISAVA, specialising in branding, identity and editorial design. In the field of visual identity he developed a project awarded with an ADG Laus Estudiants. It was during his final degree thesis that he developed a strong interest in speculative and critical design, which lead to presenting his project at Museu del Disseny de Barcelona during Blanc Festival as well as at Espai Brut by ADG-FAD. After teaming up with the Art Direction Studio Kiwi Bravo and working on the iconic publishing house Penguin Random House, Ferran is now part of the Design Team at Folch, the Barcelona based Narrative Business Design Studio.

Folch, Junior Designer, Barcelona, march 2020 - current
Penguin Random House, Graphic Designer, Barcelona, september 2018 - march 2020
 Kiwi Bravo - Innovation Lab, Graphic Designer, Barcelona, may - july 2018
✺ Miba Architects, Graphic Design Intern, Barcelona, april - june 2017

✺ ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering, Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, Barcelona, 2015 - 2019
✺ ETSAV, School of Architecture, 2n year student, Sant Cugat, 2013 - 2015

ELISAVA ei! Awards, Best Final Degree Project nominated, 2019
ADG Laus Estudiant, Bronze award for SINCE 3080, 2019 

Blanc Festival, Talk about “5 Tools for Digital Detox” at Campus Blanc, Barcelona, 2019
ADGxBrut, Talk at Espai Brut by ADG-FAD, Blanc Festival, Barcelona 2019

ELISAVA ei! Awards Exhibition, ELISAVA, Barcelona, 2019

Blanc Festival, “5 Tools for Digital Detox”, 2020
ADG-FAD, “5 Tools for Digital Detox”, 2019
34minus1, “57364N05”, 2019
ELISAVA, “5 Tools for Digital Detox”, 2019

Workshops and courses:
Tallers de la Festa with @xpatrickthomas, Festa del Grafisme - september 2019
✺ Workshop Architecture photography with Iñigo Bujedo-Aguirre, december 2018
✺ Workshop Improvising a bar with Marc Morro, december 2017
✺ Screen printing course at EINA, june 2017

Academic recognitions:
✺ The projects “5 Tools for Digital Detox”, Since 3080, Steganos, Dédalo Magazine, Gezna, Blanc Festival 2020, Films & Pelis and Colección amante has been exhibited at ELISAVA as one of the best projects of its respective subject.

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✺ Email: ferran.bretcha@gmail.com
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